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Know why

Unlock the path to sales, engagement and loyalty by knowing why customers do what they do. Seek and understand the underlying triggers, motivators and emotions that drive your customers and employees.


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iResearch Insights Platform

Designed to empower you to easily, quickly and affordably conduct insight sessions anytime and in any language.
Getting into the mind of your customers or employees is no longer out of reach and couldn’t be easier.
Take your business to the next level.

Save Time and Money

Get deeper insights anytime, anywhere and in any language. Affordability and agility allow getting insights regularly.

Act with Speed and Agility

Benefit from speed and agility to easily show participants product concepts, websites, apps, commercials, and other audio-visuals. Instant access to transcripts and data expedites implementation.

Conduct Locally, Nationally or Globally

Respondents, clients, and moderators can participate from anywhere in the world and in any language. Screen participants on the most important criteria rather than principally by geography.

Enhance Surveys

Knowing your audience and why leads to more relevant questions and more informed answer choices for your surveys.

Acquire Rich and Detailed Feedback

Achieve an additional level of depth and richness, since all respondents can respond simultaneously, without interruption. Benefit from the “extra mental step” needed to articulate into writing, resulting in rich, thoughtful comments and insights.

Assure Anonymity

Allow participants to remain completely anonymous to one another – by name and physically. Essential for employee studies or groups involving sensitive issues.

Reduce Visual Biases

Concerns about not seeing participants are offset by gleaning participant emotions and feelings while eliminating bias due to age, race, gender, height, weight or clothing of fellow participants and the moderator. A majority of business today is text based without loss of gauging emotion or personality traits.

Attract Hard to Reach Participants

Hard to reach professionals can easily incorporate online sessions into their time-constrained schedules. Busy professionals tend to remain engaged longer online since others do not interrupt them.

Avoid Strong Personality Dominance

Online participants are freed from the effects of strong personalities and dominant individuals. Each participant has the chance to compose and share their views without interruption.

Get Instant, Uninterrupted Client Interaction

Benefit from instant, uninterrupted interaction and communication between clients and moderator on the unfolding discussion and for direct client input to the moderator, without interrupting the participant conversation.

Maintain Project Continuity

Single moderator and client engagement can be maintained throughout to ensure project continuity.